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mashimarokun (guiter cozo) (Eddie Van) 蟹座のO型

東京デザイナー学院を卒業後、プロダクションへ入社〜退社を2度ほどくりかえし その後、独立。フリーとして始める。

広告関係(チラシ、パンフレットなどの印刷物一般 )の仕事をしている関係上、Macを前にイラストレータやフォトショップを駆使(苦死)?して制作しているのだが、前からちょっとした3Dがやりたくてイキ抜きのつもりで始めたが・・・けっこうハマってしまい、仕事の合間の趣味か?趣味の合間の仕事が?自分で分からなくなってしまっている。


幼少の頃、Dave Deal'sのDeal's Wheelsに感動を覚え、現在のマイブームになり自分なりになんちゃって精神で作品を増やしている。レベル社から発売された、「ディールス・ホイールス」。そのデフォルメは風刺画のごとく世の中を茶化すような毒が含まれており私は子供ながらに、「大人の粋さ」を感じておりました。残念ながら、作者のデイブはもうこの世にはおりません。彼の精神をリスペクトするがごとく、彼の作品を思い出しながらそのテイストを私なりに工夫して制作したのが、なんちゃって3Dのクルマ達です。

ではなく、Deal's Wheelsと同じ1/25なのだ。



mashimarokun (guiter cozo) (Eddie Van) O type of Cancer

After graduating from the Tokyo Designer Institute, joining the production ~ leaving the department ~ After about 2 times repeating, then independence. Start as free.

Because I am working on advertising relationships (printed materials such as leaflets and pamphlets), I used Adobe illustrators and photoshops before Mac (bitter death) before Mac? Although I am producing it, I wanted to do a little 3D from the front, but I started with the intention of pulling out Iki ... but did you get hurt so much and is it a hobby between jobs? Is there a job between hobbies? I do not understand myself. How can we approach real things when it comes to 3D? I tend to become a theme, but I dare dare to manga deformation. How do you exaggerate is not creative? However 3D can not be created unless it is inconsistent. The work which I made in that conflict is very loveful. (Self-praised :)

3D software is exclusively Hexasuper6. I began to use it since the time I was a free software and went around the shades such as Shade, Infini - D, Strata 3 D, Raydream 3 D, Carrara 3 D, Light Wave 3 D, etc, but with no money and no skill, I have settled in the hexagonal Great King, You do. After all, for beginners 3D has a high threshold, and it is difficult if it becomes difficult and it ends with that. If you can not make it easily, creative motivation will be lost.

When I was a child, I was touched by Deal's Wheels of Dave Deal's, I became my current boom and increased myself with my spirit. "Diels · Wheels" released from Revel. Its deformation contains poisons that make the world crown like a satire picture and I felt "the adults' freshness" while I was a child. Unfortunately, Dave's author is no longer in this world. As I respect his spirit, it is 3D cars that I made devising that taste to me as I remember his work.
  Originally it was an illustrator, the line of illustration is alive, and its real pleasure can be heard even by looking at the box picture of the plastic model. I could not inquire about the contents of the products packed with shrink at that time, but I still remember the charm in that box painting and I will not forget your longing.
Just recently, at the resale and auction, I got the contents inside, but the gap between the box picture and the contents of the plastic model! This is also one of fun.

Speaking of Japan's deformity, it seems to be "Choro Q", but on a scale 1/24 of a plastic model ... ... > instead of Deal's Wheels 1/25.